At Cavalcanti, the production and development of high quality rugs is firmly engrained in the company ethos, but it’s their contemporary approach to bespoke rug design which sets them apart as one of the more unique rug manufactures in the market. Combining traditional textile techniques with contemporary visual concepts the finished products merge practicality with innovation to suit each individual requirement.

The London based rug designer, who has previously worked with leading superyacht designer H2 Yacht Design, is currently collaborating with London and Berlin based photographer Hednrik Schneider for an upcoming 2016 promotional campaign, which is shown below.

Image courtesy of Hendrik Schneider

All the Cavalcanti products are certified with the ISO 9001 quality management system and ensure the highest quality, meeting standard EU regulations. The products also have top light and colour fastness, fire safety classification C-S13 and are suitable for underfloor heating systems.

All rugs are manufactured in Europe, using contract quality raw materials and dyes. The designer works on a commission basis as all rugs are made to order to meet bespoke size colour and design requirements.

Cavalcanti has also developed a new monochromatic 'optical illusion' hand woven range, combining dynamic patterns with hints of colour, which creates a strong optical element. All rugs are hand woven to the highest possible standard by experienced weavers.


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