UK, London. SuperyachtDESIGN Week is firmly cemented within the hearts and minds of the design community as a must-attend event for the latest, greatest and most innovative products. As guest registrations roll in, pioneering brands join us as SuperyachtDesign Partners, Lunch Hotspots and Artisan & Innovator Showcases.

In celebration of the event, held from 23 – 25 June, many Design Centre showrooms throw open their doors to SuperyachtDESIGN Week’s guests as official Partners. Hosting workshops and lunch hotspots amongst their latest trends and fashions throughout the three days.

SuperyachtDesign Partners
Dedar are back for more in 2015! Their colourful showroom, host of two workshops last June, exhibits their contemporary wallpaper, fabric and trims, including their exclusive collaboration with Hermès.

With 25 showrooms across the globe, Stark Carpets provide a truly international experience with over 75 years of experience. New to SuperyachtDESIGNWeek (SYDW) this year, we are excited to host two workshops here amongst their beautiful designs and tapestries. 

Lunch Hotspots
Alton-Brooke will not only visually captivate SYDW guests, with a showroom filled to the brim with specialist fabrics, rugs and carpets, but also nourish them with delicious food as an official Lunch Hotspot! Alton-Brooke were hugely popular with guests last year and are sure to be a foodie favourite for 2015.

Lunch Hotspots are a fantastic networking opportunity for SYDW guests.

Artisans & Innovators
Integral to the SYDW programme are the Artisan and Innovator showcases, providing guests intimate access to a diverse range of companies and their latest products and designs. Displaying their fine craftsmanship this year are LuxperienceLab, Hypnos Beds and ZEZ by Ilorom.

LuxperienceLab will be demonstrating their innovative technology installations to SYDW guests. Past projects include a convertible disco wall, tailor-made ceiling projections and a custom-built, interactive chart for yachts. A truly hands-on experience for all!

Hypnos Beds return for 2015! Showcasing their premium quality beds, their showcase entertained guests last year by demonstrating the art of making a handcrafted mattress. With over 100 years of experience, Hypnos are synonymous with luxury and quality.

Hypnos in 2014

Producing cutting-edge technology, ZEZ Fabric by Ilorom will change before the very eyes of SYDW guests! Morphing between two differing patterns, ZEZ Fabric is the ultimate versatile product for the discerning designer.

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Thank you to SuperyachtDESIGN Week sponsors. Gold level: Awlgrip and Blohm+Voss. Silver level: Clyde & Co. Bronze level: Heirlooms, RINA and SA Baxter.

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