Following the success of its latest 46m and 54m superyachts, which are part of Baglietto’s new Fast line, unveiled earlier this year, the shipyard has unveiled a new range of yachts called the ‘V-Line’, in an effort to diversify across the superyacht market and strengthen the brand in a larger market area. From numerous client-based studies, this line is based on the interpretation of some of the specific requirements and wishes of some owners.

Baglietto’s new V-Line includes superyachts with an LOA from 40m to 55m, but interestingly the line hasn’t been designed solely by one design studio, as with most superyacht lines. Instead Baglietto has split the range and given the semi-custom package to three leading Italian designers, to work on individual yachts within the range: Francesco Paszkowski Design, Hot Lab and Santa Maria Magnolfi Design. All three designers, however, have kept closely to the brief, and have characterised the yachts with contemporary lines and vertical bows in order to keep the yachts aesthetically related as one range. All three designers have been given the brief to create a sense of identity for each yacht, while drawing inspiration from the shipyard’s history.

With its new broader product range, Baglietto plans to soon approach the American market in an attempt to enhance the brand globally.

“Over the last few months, our ability to develop and launch new products while preserving our traditions has impressively sped up,” says Baglietto’s managing director Michele Gavino. “We liked the idea of having our reference designer, Francesco Paszkowski, who has written and will keep writing glorious pages of Baglietto’s history, joined by some new, young designers, who can cast a new, fresh look on our brand and reinterpret its personality without ever losing sight of its unbreakable ties with its history and identity".

The V-Line currently comprises three superyachts, the first of which is a 41m designed by Santa Maria Magnolfi Design. Here the exteriors of the yacht boasts large common areas that total more than 300 square metres, divided over the yacht’s three decks. The interiors are also very open with large, full-height glazed surfaces. The main deck salon has been designed by conceiving the dining area as the ‘centre of gravity’ between the interior and exterior areas. Santa Maria Magnolfi Design has designed three of the V-Line yachts in total.

“In designing this 41m vessel we had the honour and burden of having to preserve some of Baglietto’s historical elements and stylistic features, while also reviving and renovating the fiery, passionate spirit that has made this brand truly special over the decades,” comments founder Federico Santa Maria.

For the 44m V-Line yacht, Francesco Paszkowski Design has created a slender and rakish profile with contemporary lines. Having successfully pencilled Baglietto yachts for some time, thus characterising the Baglietto style, the design studio has drawn upon the exterior of a number of previous projects and added a contemporary twist to liven up the Baglietto style.

Another 44m V-Line has also been penned by Italian design studio Hot Lab, which has created a dynamic but never aggressive motoryacht. Here the most distinctive element is the yacht’s high vertical bow, which is emphasised by the slightly forward tilting windscreen located just behind the bow.

On all three projects, engineering has been carried out in-house by the Baglietto engineering department.

In addition to this new line, Baglietto has been focusing heavily on research and development in order to enhance the brand and approach a larger market place. Part of this development includes heavy investment in the shipyard’s operating facilities. By 2020, Baglietto estimates that the total investment will equate to €12 million. After allocating €20 million over the last four years for the construction of two industrial sheds and general upgrade of the existing production facility, further works at the shipyard include a third industrial shed for superyachts up to 65m in length and a new sheltered dock.



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