AYC Superyacht Recruitment has added a resume review and editing service to its offering. The company has identified the sheer number of CVs that agents receive as a reason for crewmembers to ensure that theirs are exemplary.

AYC has predicted the creation of 1800 new crew jobs in 2014, before inter-market movement is even considered. And in summarising the benefits of the service, which also extends to cover letters, a company spokesperson said:

‘If you think you are perfect for a particular job then your resume needs to reflect this within five seconds of arriving into an employer’s inbox. A quality application should always begin with a cover letter, supported [by a] resume outlining previous relevant experience and qualifications. A resume can be adapted to suit the requirements of an advertised job and it is not uncommon to have several versions depending on the position applied for. An example of this is a chef/stewardess that may change the presentation of their resume depending on which role they apply for.’

‘For those who have not worked in the industry before then a professionally written resume in a consistent format can get you a foot in the door and kick-start your career’, the spokesperson added.

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