Arcadia Yachts, the brand that launched the Arcadia 85 with its radical glass superstructure onto the market in 2010, has unveiled a 47m steel project in collaboration with the Hot Lab Design studio. The yard plans to begin construction within 18 months, although it is likely the steel hull and aluminum superstructure will be built off-site by a specialist subcontractor. 

The first in a new range known as FOR.TH (FORward THinking), the sub-500gt project is 12m longer than its current 115-foot flagship, but retains the brand’s philosophy of designing and building yachts that provide maximum exposure to the outside world through the use of large glass surfaces filled – as on other Arcadia models – with Krypton, a heavy gas to reduce convective heat transfer and AC loads.

“We wanted to bring into the project the key elements of the Arcadia brand, namely eco-friendliness, conviviality and closeness to the water, features that usually diminish as the size of the yacht increases,” says Francesco Ansalone, Arcadia marketing & communications manager. “Our design shows that on a 47m yacht you can retain all these elements on every deck level, both inside and out.” 

The superstructure is concentrated slightly forward of amidships to allow for an ample main after deck, but the play of solids and voids that fragment the exterior profile suggests a flow of movement towards the stern to maintain balance and dynamic lines. Arcadia’s trademark solar panels will be integrated into the superstucture for silent and sustainable auxiliary power at anchor.

“After working with Arcadia on the A100+, we started from scratch with the FOR.TH project,” says Enrico Lumini of Hot Lab. “It represents a big step up from the Arcadia 115 in terms of volumes and usage, but we had to retain the brand DNA with the angular styling. We definitely wanted to avoid the owner and guests sitting inside and not being able to see the sea all around them, which is why we used as much full-height glass as possible on both the main and upper decks to break down the barriers.”

The main exterior social space is the 90 sqm main aft deck with full facilities for dining, lounging and sunbathing. The fixed aft platform is bordered by sliding glass doors that open into a beach club, which in the current design houses a gym. The 78 sqm sundeck is surrounded by a discreet, low level bulwark that provides support for slender hardtop struts.

The proposed interior styling is based on a refined and contemporary open-floor plan that clearly cites modern real-estate design. The 51 sqm of owner’s suite is located on the forward main deck, and there are two VIP suites and two guest cabins on the lower deck with idepednent crew access for discreet servicing.

Arcadia announced other additions to its fleet in Cannes: the 15.68m Sherpa pocket explorer will soon be joined by the 21.95m Sherpa 72, and the Gamma A range now comprises the A85, A85S, A100, the new A100+ and the A115. According to Ansalone, the company has received 10 new orders so far this year across its range and can claim a market share of over 15% in the 24-35m category. 


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