INDIA, Mumbai. Artecraft has introduced a new luxury surface collection called the Anvi Solitaire range. Produced in either marble or wood using high-grade resin, the Anvi Solitaire line embeds tabletops, floors, wall hangings and most other flat interior surfaces with Swarovski crystals.

Both the marble and wood options require a 3-5mm layer of cured resin to secure the crystals in place. Crystal arrangements come in standard or custom designs with standard tiles containing regular rows and columns of crystals recessed into the tile. Alternatively, they can be randomly scattered across the surface. Tile shape and crystal patterns can be customised to create bespoke surfaces that follow the specifications of a designer or architect.

Utilising techniques developed in-house, the marble (or wood) is milled using a CNC machine, studded with crystals, coated with resin and then vacuumed to remove any bubbles. The Swarovski crystals are available in a variety of colours, sizes and cuts, producing top quality light distribution, colour intensity and luminosity. All pieces bare the ‘Crystals from Swarovski’ label that serves as a certificate of authenticity for the crystal elements.

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