AdTIM has developed a special superyacht-specific air purifying system that the company will be showcasing at METS. The system was developed for a 36m vessel that had begun life as a tug, before being converted into a Polar-class yacht.

Because of the vessel’s history and operational purpose, the challenge was to reduce the incursions caused by emissions and the load being placed on the systems in such a hostile environment.

The result was AdTIM’s AirPurifier, based on ‘smart plasma technology’, two of which were installed for the HVAC system and the wastewater treatment system.

The plasma technology in these AirPurifier systems is taken from that of domestic oven fans, which filter 100 per cent of the odours, bacteria and germs from the air.

On board yachts the technology is of benefit because, due to recirculation, there is no outlet ducting required.

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