You may be familiar with The Superyacht Design Forum taking place in five weeks’ time, and you will definitely know of The Superyacht Forum, but what about our Marketing Forum, and our first ever Pacific Forum? As our event portfolio continues to expand, to match the increasing demands of our readers, subscribers and delegates, we present to you our brand-new monthly Superyacht Forums and Events Newsletter.

As promised, here’s three reasons why you should subscribe – because one newsletter from us is never enough!

1.     Less is more
The Superyacht Forums and Events Newsletter promises to be a concise, monthly update regarding all of our upcoming internal and bespoke events. From the Northcote Road to the Netherlands, you will receive need-to-know information about our events, directly to your inbox.

2.     Special offers!
The early birds will continue to catch the worm. Those who choose to subscribe will ensure they secure tickets at a discounted price, with monthly reminders. Keep an eye out for the inaugural newsletter, featuring our first discount exclusive only to subscribers.

3.     Something old, something new…
Over the next few months we will be announcing The Superyacht Group’s latest additions to our event portfolio. Taking place around the globe, the new events will be the first of their kind, and subscribers will receive priority access and information.

If you have already confirmed your marketing preferences regarding events, you can look forward to receiving your first email next week!

 If you are unsure of your current marketing preferences or wish to sign up to the Superyacht Forums and Events Newsletter, please contact:

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