As the show season approaches once again, The Crew Report issue 86 will imminently be landing on superyachts and desks around the world. The Crew Report is the only superyacht market publication dedicated to advising professional crew on pertinent issues that relate directly to job fulfilment and career progression. In this issue we examine the role of superyacht crew at boat shows, review what happens to crew when a yacht is arrested, explore how to preserve art on board, explore whether or not a dedication to form rather than function is putting crew lives at risk and much more.

Furthermore, this issue of The Crew Report includes The Superyacht Annual Report: Training & Recruitment 2018. This 10-page special report presents the findings of a four-month research project into crew sentiment towards providers of training and recruitments services, as well as drawing insight from senior crew about budgeting for the provision of these services.

Article Insight: “Beauty catches the attention; character captures the heart”
“It is absolutely essential to have a well-instructed crew who know what their responsibilities are during boat shows,” says David Johnson sales broker at Denison Yacht Sales and a highly experience former captain and crew member. “If a boat is docked in a show environment, it does not mean that someone will only walk on during show hours – there might be early morning views or late evening viewings because a lot of serious buyers avoid show times or don’t want to board the yacht while 20 other people are on there, so it always has to be looking sharp.”

Johnson explains that the impact that crew can have on a buyer’s decision-making process is always a ‘big-concern’ for brokers, especially when they might be against the sale because the new owner might not wish to continue their employment and they may not have been promised any financial bonus by the seller…Click here to subscribe and read the full article.

Annual Report Insight: Findings
“42.4 per cent of captains and nearly 30 per cent of chief engineers suggested further career progression, perhaps implying a move ashore or into project management, owner teams or similar.”

“Our data suggests that if you are looking for training to progress your career, the 50m to 60m bracket is a good sector in which to do it.”

“When respondents were asked how they would look for their next position, 29.4 per cent said they would go to an agency first, followed by 25.9 per cent relaying on word of mouth or recommendation and 17 per cent using social media” …Click here to subscribe and read The Superyacht Annual Report: Training & Recruitment 2018.

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