Superyacht tenders and toys are, aside from the crew, the ‘thing’ owners and charter guests experience the most as part of their time in the superyacht industry. As such, having what the owner or charter client deems the ‘right’ tenders and toys on board is absolutely crucial.

The Superyacht Golden Ticket survey, in 2015, told us that owners spend on average 12 to 15 weeks on board per year, and that’s taking into account changes in the two years since then, let alone any activity in the charter market.

So when you think about it, captains and senior crew really do have a pertinent role when it comes to sourcing, purchasing and maintaining a superyacht’s tenders and toys. Moreover, it’s crucial that owners, their representatives, yacht managers and captains have some context upon which to base decisions; should the tender be maintained on a yearly basis?; once the tender is five years old is it worth maintaining over purchasing brand new?; how regularly do the crew maintain the tender versus an external, tender-focused engineer?; how much does all this maintenance cost?; how many tenders is too many?; and, of course, how much does that brand new tender cost?

That’s why we’re asking you, captains, first officers, chief engineers and bosuns – in fact, anyone involved with the tender and toy maintenance and purchasing decisions – to take our survey, so we can produce a comprehensive analysis of the tender and toy market to sit alongside our purchasing directory, in the form of The Superyacht Annual Report 2017: Tenders & Toys.

Your participation in The Superyacht Intelligence Agency’s survey will provide the context required to support the industry and, most importantly, the owners, in making purchasing and maintenance decisions based on what we are so increasingly hearing – and we strongly believe – is the future of decision making: data.

Click here to take the survey.

The Superyacht Annual Report 2017: Tenders & Toys is available alongside three additional Superyacht Annual Reports (New Build; Refit; and Marinas & Migration) as part of the Superyacht Intelligence Business Package, available to purchase at the reduced rate of £350 (previously £550) here.

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