In the not so real world of yachting, time off can range as much as the crazy guest requests – anything from an hour escape away from charter, a full day in a tropical location to weeks off at a time.


Time off o’clock

When it comes to anything that involves the word ‘superyacht’, plans are as predictable as Mother Nature’s latest brewing storm. In the superyacht world, no plan is ever concrete, which makes it a challenge to plan time off. If you have a strict itinerary, planning is easy, but if not, make the most of your last-minute time off, especially in marinas.


Get planning

As well as time frame, destination also plays a role in knowing what to do where. If you are in a marina, research the nearest towns for weekend inspiration – anywhere that is easily accessible by hire car or public transport. If you are craving greenery after a lengthy time at sea, head inland. The good news is that time off is usually spent in some of the most tropical and idyllic corners of the world. If time is limited to just one day, plan it wisely – get yourself a 24-hour itinerary, with the best of what to do, what to see and where to go.


Chill out

Anyone who has ever worked a 12-hour day with a chamois in one hand and a cotton bud in the other, will know that rest is a blessing. Work hard, play hard, but in yachting, rest harder. Rest doesn’t mean being confined to your cabin, so check out the nearest spas and beaches for some real downtime.


Hit the books

Long periods of time off are usually spent in one place due to a yard period or during the off-season. If this is the case, they are usually spent in big yachting hubs, so these spurts of time can be used to easily complete courses. Making use of time productively may seem like hard work after a long summer, but in the long run it means furthering your career. 


Learn something

The yachting world opens lots of adventurous doors and ones that should be taken advantage of. Learn something new or even progress a current hobby. Whether you are an avid diver, love to hike, aspiring windsurfer, beginner paraglider or perhaps a champion kindle reader, time off can let you enjoy these hobbies. Get booking with instructors or talented crew buddies.


An app for that

There are plenty of apps around to make planning time off easier and quicker, from booking an Air BnB the day before, reading up on a destination blog, getting reviews from TripAdvisor to finding last-minute flights on SkyScanner. There are also now an increasing number of yachting apps around. Try out YachtNeeds, putting useful yachting resources, including entertainment for crew, in one place.


Sometimes yachting may feel like a drain on your social life and energy levels, but when time off comes it's generally spent in some great locations with fellow crew members, and with streamlined planning you can really maximise this to make it all worthwhile. Happy time off!

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