Choosing a marina to winter in is one of the most important decisions for the health of a superyacht and happiness of its owner, captain and crew. It is all well and good travelling from berth to berth during the summer months and enjoying the rewards of good weather, good company, changing locations and a fully engaged crew. However, when it comes to winter and the cruising stops, keeping captain and crew happy and engaged is no mean feat; we speak to a captain (who wishes to remain anonymous) of a 43m CRN motoryacht about the charms of Limassol Marina.

“There were some personal reasons behind our owners’ decision to winter at Limassol Marina in Cyprus, but the main incentive was the state of the facility itself,” starts the captain. “Prior to the operation of Limassol Marina, the only option for large yachts in Limassol was to dock in the nearby commercial port.”

Commercial ports play a vital functional role for large superyachts all over the world, however, as practical as they may be, they will never be able to meet the scenic, facilitative or servicing standards of a built-to-purpose yachting marina.

“Limassol reminds me slightly of Port Grimaud near St Tropez with its beautiful multi-coloured luxury villas complementing the sea views out of the port holes,” continues the captain. “The next impression is made by the well-organised friendly staff on the marina team who run the operation in an extremely professional manner – one I have rarely experienced elsewhere. The marina itself offers everything both owners and crew will ever need from a home away from home.”

While the final berthing decision always rests with the owners, it is now widely accepted that the key to a successful wintering destination is its ability to woe a vessels captain and crew. After all, a happy and engaged crew equals happy and engaged owners.

“Aside from the marinas cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and gym, Cyprus, and Limassol in particular, offer whatever is found in most other European countries,” the captain says. “But, in my mind, Cyprus has even more, especially for adventurous crew members who like outdoor activities and, thanks to this marina, I can now thankfully live in Cyprus. I hope to be here for many more years and I hope to welcome some familiar fellow yachtsmen and women here in the very near future.”

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