Last week saw Floating Life’s annual captains meeting take place in Rapallo. The course this year, led by the RINA academy, saw informative lectures on the main topics covered by the International Shop and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) parts A and B with an overview of new rules and scenarios in yacht management. Part A of the code is mandatory, while part B is recommended, but has been made mandatory by some states, such as the US and EU.

Enrico Ursomando, head of RINA’s Genova office, emphasised the importance of performing a risk assessment on board and highlighted the facets of the ISPS Code that help to ensure the security of ships and port facilities.

The functional requirements of this code include:

- Gathering and assessing information with respect to security threats
- Requiring the maintenance of communication protocols for yachts and port facilities
- Preventing unauthorised access of yachts to port facilities and their restricted areas

The certification procedure starts off with an initial Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and Ship Security Plan (SSP) submitted to RINA for review and approval. This is then followed by an interim verification on board with the issue of an interim International Ship Security Certificate, valid for six months. After the initial verification, the long-term certificate can be issued which is valid for five years, with a review on the third year of the certification period.

The Ship Security Assessment consists of an on-site security survey that identifies any existing security measures, procedures and operations. Additionally, it identifies and evaluates the key on board operations to be protected as well as any other weaknesses including, human factors, policies and procedures.

Training courses to qualify ISPS personnel are supplied by the RINA Academy.

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