The Spanish VAT landscape is one riddled with complexities and misconceptions, particularly within a superyacht context. Each year, more and more mini-events within boat shows offer superyacht captains a few precious hours to try and cover the vast landscape that is Spanish tax, and each year these mini-events see more and more captains in attendance.

More owners are placing responsibility on their captains when it comes to matters of VAT.

The need for better understanding on the part of captains of the Spanish fiscal landscape is clear. More owners are placing responsibility on their captains when it comes to matters of VAT, expecting them to have a sound understanding – something that for many captains is challenging, particularly when we consider the back-and-forth movements of the Balearics’ VAT landscape.

It is for this reason that Superyacht Fiscal, a one-day conference solely dedicated to answering all those questions captains have about Spain’s fiscal landscape, is taking place on 26 April in Barcelona.

The day will see presentations on:

  • How to operate legally and fiscally in Spain
  • The different treatment of the authorities depending on having EU/non-EU flags and commercial/private registration
  • What to expect from Port State Control, berthing, customs and the Spanish authorities
  • The pros and cons of chartering in Spanish waters

See the full day’s programme and speakers here.

Run by Superyacht Events, whose organisation at last year’s Global Superyacht Forum was praised by the industry, the day will close with networking drinks and dinner at Barcelona’s popular Barceloneta restaurant.

It’s an event pertinent to any captain who wants to better understand the ever-changing fiscal landscape of Europe, and Spain in particular, and who wants to be able to provide their owner with accurate and trustworthy advice on Spain as a superyacht destination.

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