A fire started on board 53m Feadship Mirage on Sunday night while the yacht was docked at Puerto Portals, Mallorca with guests on board.

Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews.com, Captain Colin Richardson confirmed that nobody was hurt, and that the crew acted quickly to put out the fire within 25 minutes.

“There has been some damage on board, which is mostly due to sea water from the jets used to put out the fire,” Captain Richardson explained.

As a result, the boat has had to cancel a few charters in order to undergo repair work in STP, expected to last three months. “We are planning to be at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show for the beginning of the Caribbean season,” he added.

Mirage completed the third phase of an extensive refit project at STP in June 2015, which encompassed a complete remodelling with a new interior, crew area, housing, communications mast, bridge, engine room and exterior paint work. 

The cause of the fire has not been confirmed.

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