While having eco-friendly products on board may seem to fly in the face of yachting in general, increasing levels of concern for the environment has led to increasing levels of interest for sustainable, organic and eco-friendly products. From natural stain removers to mattresses, the eco solutions are endless. However, is the eco-friendly approach a new development in superyacht industry?

“If you look at the market as an entirety, the eco consciousness is increasing, as that’s what everyone else is doing in every other industry,” says Mark Tremlett, CEO of Naturalmat, the UK based natural mattress, linen and bed suppliers.

However, while running a superyacht in the most sustainable way possible should be of the upmost importance, there are so many other considerations which are often slightly more important than the green attributes of the product alone. “I always think that the sustainable angle is probably not most people’s reason to purchase,” explains Tremlett. “The market is generally much bigger than that and there are much bigger concerns that come into play, when buying a mattress, such as comfort.”

While this may be the case, from the suppliers’ perspective, an eco-consideration can aid the decision-making process against other products with similar features. “If you put two products with the same attributes alongside each other, and if one is green, eco and sustainable, then ticks the organic box, people will tend to sway towards it and go for that option,” says Tremlett.

However, for Naturalmat, there are significant benefits for using natural fibres in their mattresses. Manmade fibres, which is the most common choice for linen and mattresses, are prone to absorb heat and absorb moisture, which are the two things you want to avoid in any sleeping environment. “Natural fibres don’t absorb moisture or heat,” explaines Tremlett. “This is why you’re more comfortable wearing a cashmere jumper than having a black plastic sack pulled over you.”

While its not always the most important consideration in purchasing decisions, it certainly is becoming a far greater consideration in the modern superyacht market. “The awareness of the benefits of natural fibres is very much on the up, and people have got hold of the idea that synthetic materials aren’t so great for you.”

While the subject may be one of lip-service in the superyacht industry, it appears that eco-consciousness is increasing aboard yachts, and the benefits of natural products is becoming more of a must in superyacht interiors.

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