Anyone who has had to dockwalk in search of day work will know how laborious and time-consuming it can be. On the other side of the passerelle, captains are often bombarded by crew looking for day work or a permanent position. When a captain is in need of dayworker last minute, it can often be difficult and frustrating finding the right person with a specific skill.

In a digital age, it makes sense to use a reliable platform to make this process more efficient for both parties. That is why Patrick Maflin and his team have created the app version of Dayworker, a contemporary solution for crew looking for day work and for captains looking for the right individual. The new app, which is now available to download via the App Store, also includes the ability for crew houses to list themselves and advertise rooms.

“We built this platform to help individuals and to professionalise this section of the industry,” explains Maflin. “We are here to help [crew] find the work they need and to help captains find the people they need wherever they are.”

Crew can update their availability for work on a regular basis and receive offers of work through the Dayworker app. Equally, captains can use the app to search for suitable dayworkers available in the area in an efficient and comprehensive way. The platform is entirely free to use and is available to download from the App Store now.

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