Jacob Nicol, a 22-year-old British man, has been seriously injured after falling from 81.8m Kibo while undertaking exterior cleaning of the yacht’s hull at anchor off Puerto Portals.

Nicol, who was acting as Kibo’s third assistant engineer, is reported to have fallen while cleaning the vessel and being knocked unconscious by his harness and seat as he fell.

According to local reports, the first officer sounded the alarm, and the yacht’s captain then rescued Nicol, who was unconscious in the water for several minutes and had drifted around 30m away from the vessel, in the water and he was taken to hospital where he was induced into a coma. According to these local reports, he remains in a ‘vegetative state’.

In a report on the Daily Telegraph website, it is also claimed that the acting local magistrate ‘questioned the superyacht's captain as part of an ongoing investigation into the accident.’

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Since publishing this article, the crewmember's sibling has, via Facebook, provided more information about the accident and the Nicol's current condition, and is raising money for his medical care. Click here for more information.

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