Does training in the superyacht industry give you value for money? You’re not quite sure. According to our Superyacht Golden Ticket survey, of over 1,000 crewmembers from 644 superyachts and 76 nationalities, just over half believe training does give you value for money.

You told us that on average, during the off-season, you spend about €400 a month on training, which equates to somewhere around €3,500 a year. Just under half of you also told us that the yacht pays for none of the crew’s training. However, chances are you’re more likely to have your training paid for if you’re on a yacht between 30m and 70m or one over 100m, and particularly where owners are on board for between one and five months of the year. Moreover, while there’s a general industry presumption that crew are happier to have a lower salary if their training is paid for, it turns out owners who are good to their crew and pay for their training also pay them higher salaries.

Just under half of you also told us that the yacht pays for none of the crew’s training.

More than half of you (55 per cent) don’t need to take annual leave to undertake your training, which is good news, and this is even more likely on yachts below 60m.

You also told us who your favourite training provider (and recruitment agency) is, for both yourself personally and your yacht. And when it comes to training, there are three that make it into your and the yacht’s top three nearly every time.

You can find the full results in our Superyacht Golden Ticket Trilogy: Part III, in issue 77 of The Crew Report, out end of February.

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