At the 2014 Antigua Charter Yacht Show, Jasmin Rutter, then chief stewardess on board sailing yacht Marie, won the World Class Yachting Cocktail Competition, subsequently winning her a place in the global finals of Diageo Reserve’s World Class Cocktail Competition. Since then, Rutter, also known as ‘The Roaming Mixologist’ across the social sphere, has become the face of yachting mixology.

Rutter has now been appointed Diageo’s (owner of some of the world’s most famous drinks brands) brand ambassador for the superyacht industry, with a particular focus on supporting interior crew by giving them the confidence to create top-standard cocktails for owners and guests on board.

Speaking to SuperyachtNews, Rutter explains that her background as a stewardess (the past four years as chief stew) on board motor yachts Siren and Turquoise and sailing yachts Twizzle and Marie, means she understands some of the barriers interior crew face when it comes to offering drinks on board. “They don’t feel like they’re a bartender, and sometimes it’s just easier to send a glass of Champagne, instead of a cocktail, for an arrival drink. But I’m hoping people who come through the training will gain confidence,” she explains. “I also hope they gain knowledge about spirits, so that when people ask, ‘Can I have a single malt whisky?’, they can actually give them an informed answer.”

So far, the training - which is free - has been received very well. “It’s such a rewarding job, and even though I go on for three hours, quite often I stay for longer, because the girls on the boat ask for more training. It was quite scary starting off, because I didn’t know if it was just me who cared so much about cocktails on board, but it’s been great to see the response, and it turns out a lot of other people actually feel how I felt [about raising the standard of mixology on board].”

It turns out a lot of other people actually feel how I felt.

What is so unique is the fact that the course costs nothing - even the spirits are provided. “People don’t understand why it’s free. And I’m not even doing any sales, despite people asking me how much the spirits cost. If they want to buy them, I just tell them to go to the supermarket or the provisioner.”

Another service Rutter is offering is yacht party support - something she helped stewardesses with significantly during the Cannes Film Festival. “If a boat has 100 people on board, and six stewardesses who are run off their feet, I’ve got the contacts from doing the global cocktail competition, a little black book of bartenders. So we bring the bartenders to the boats, to create amazing cocktails and take some pressure off the crew.” Again, while the bartender will obviously need to be paid, Rutter’s time to provide these contacts and help the crew create menus and cocktail ideas, is completely free of charge.

Rutter, who tends to be Med-based, will be in the Caribbean as we approach the winter season, and will be available for training and party support in the area. Contact Jasmin - click here.


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