When it comes to cleaning the interior, laundry, vacuuming and polish are all very well, but how do you get that deep anti-bacterial clean without considerable time and effort? Superyacht cleaning specialist Inter-Nett is now offering an advanced solution, borne originally from hospital sanitisation, that offers a quick, residue- and odour-free treatment for every space in a yacht’s interior.

Called PureSpace, Inter-Nett’s John Balodis tells SuperyachtNews, the company first came across it at the Monaco yacht show, and Balodis quickly realised it could be a perfect technology for superyachts. “Imagine a scenario where a yacht had a leak which led to a slightly humid or damp smell,” Balodis explains. “I thought, okay, PureSpace is something that could help with that. Then looking at it in more detail it looked like it was pretty serious stuff. We’ve done some tests and some demos and the reaction has been very positive.”

The PureSpace machine contains a turbo that essentially nebulises the chemicals to create a nano-scale dry mist that kills bacteria, fungal spores and viruses. “It’s between one and five microns and as a result it doesn’t leave any visible or invisible residue, which is really important if you’re treating a galley for instance where you’ve got the potential for food contamination,” Balodis continues. “If you can confidently say your product can kill bacteria but doesn’t leave any mess around afterwards, that’s pretty good stuff.”

There’s no question that the technology is safe. The mist produced is non-allergenic and the Purespace solution has been signed off as a Medical Device Class IIA under EU Directive 93/42/CE, meaning it is safe to use in any indoor situation.

The procedure is very straightforward. Creation and dispersion of the dry mist takes around three to five minutes, and a further half hour wait time is required, but that’s all. “You can move around the boat quite quickly,” says Balodis, “particularly if you have a couple of machines.” Moreover, Inter-Nett is also offering the option of adding scent to the process to leave a pleasant aroma in the space. “Once the [unscented] process is done, apart from having got rid of all organic smells there’s no scent left afterwards,” says Balodis. “So we thought it would be nice to offer the same treatment with a little bit of perfume as an option too. We can do the PureSpace treatment but with the essential oils and the process [with essential oils] has been fully tested to make sure it’s still killing all bacteria.” Further, there is no damage to upholstery or other furnishings or finishes. “It’s tested from a medical point of view but it’s also tested to make sure there are still no residues,” Balodis confirms.

It’s easy to see the appeal of adding this to the cleaning regime, not just for the elimination of bacteria and potential smells, but also from the point of view of piece of mind for both owners and guests, and crew. “It’s nice to be able to offer that kind of reassurance.”

PureSpace is now being offered by Inter-Nett in all its key locations accessed from its various offices in Barcelona, France, Monaco and Italy in the Med and St Maarten in the Caribbean, although inter-nett has taken its cleaning services all over the world at the request of many yachts. Indeed, Balodis sees the potential for yachts to lease the PureSpace equipment from Inter-Nett and keep it on board. “It’s the size of a small vacuum cleaner,” he says. “We can do some training on board and then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to keep that on board permanently. We can then also fly our personnel out to the boat as and when if they’d prefer to do it that way.”

Balodis says Inter-Nett intends to offer the PureSpace treatment both as part of its wider cleaning services and as a standalone treatment if desired. “Initially to me this is just complementing our cleaning regime,” he concludes, “and a by-product of that is that it kills bacteria. It’s good for the owner and the crew areas, and it’s nice to be able to say to the owner or guests that the cabins and interior have not only been cleaned, but after the PureSpace treatment as well it’s as clinically clean as it can be.”


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