Day four of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show saw the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) and International Crew Training (ICT) host another informative Sea Changes forum to outline the importance of bespoke training for superyacht crew.

joey Meen of the PYA spoke to an audience of crewmembers, training providers and recruitment companies to outline the new GUEST training programme and the developments towards the implementation of the new superyacht tender, purser, yacht-specific engineering and yacht-specific chef courses that the PYA has been working on.

Joey Meen of the PYA addresses the audience of crew, training providers and recruitment agencies.

"We are not trying to introduce more training courses just to line the pockets of the training providers," Meen explained. "We want to make sure that when crew do pay for training and take the time off to do so,  it is all relevant to them. Without qualified and experienced crew, the industry cannot function to meet the needs of the owners."

With the GUEST programme still in its early stages, and captains and crew yet to fully accept it, attention turned to the prospect of a superyacht-specific tender training course, as recently discussed on "The RYA Powerboat Level 2 is not enough," said Meen. "It doesn't include towing, launching from a yacht or night piloting - which is the cause of most tender incidents."

Further bespoke training for crew will lead to higher professionalism in the industry. "If we are able to convince owners that crew are the best of the best, it encourages them to get in and stay in yachting. That will benefit all of us," concluded Meen.

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