After delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the first components of Derecktor Ft. Pierce’s mobile hoist have begun to arrive on site. Once assembled, the lift will be the largest of its kind, with a capacity of 1,500 tons – the equivalent of around eight Boeing 747 aeroplanes. The mobile hoist will be at the centre of the shipyard’s first phase of operation. With the ability to haul superyachts up to 76m for service, this infrastructure represents a step forward for the servicing of large superyachts in the US, where refits have typically focussed on the smaller size ranges.

“This gives us the ability to save time and money for our customers who before this have had to rely on dry docks for haul-out,” comments Justin Beard, marketing and sales development for Derecktor. “Before this, large sailing yachts have generally not looked to US yards for service due to the lack of suitable haul-out facilities. It opens an exciting new market to us and the industry in Florida.”

While the lift is assembled, work on the haul-out basin to accommodate the infrastructure continues. A 67m long by 15m slipway, with a water depth of 6.5m, will enable the infrastructure to cater to the majority of the superyacht fleet.

Once the facility is completed, the construction will also include the installation of a utility loop spanning the perimeter of the facility and supplying power, water and fibre optics; converting the ageing Indian River Terminal into a state-of-the-art workshop; piping in a new high-hazard level two fire suppression system; repairing existing bulkheads; and a host of other necessary infrastructure improvements.

As the average size of the superyacht fleet continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important the global infrastructure keeps pace with this development. The addition of the large mobile hoist is another step towards the development of a premium global service network.

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