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Trends, tribes, technology and tolerance

Marketing expert, Callum Gill on the way tools and technology will shape the future demands of consumers…

The Superyacht Group is pleased to announce that Callum Gill, Head of Client Insight and Innovation at creative communications agency DRP Group, will be speaking at The Superyacht Marketing Forum this week.

“If you think that you can simply stick to what you’ve been doing over the last 15 years and that will continue to work in the future you’re mistaken” Gill tells SuperyachtNews. “Marketing and communications need to be at the cutting edge to stay relevant.”

Having a breadth of experience in speaking about the role of technology within marketing, Gill will explain the way tools and technology will shape the future and highlight the demands of next generation consumers.

Gill believes that there are four key elements or ‘four ‘T’s’, that will shape the future customer experience. At The Superyacht Marketing Forum, we will uncover what the superyacht industry can take from Callum’s principles and how they are already being integrated into successful businesses. In the run up to this session, we have analysed the ways that the ‘four ‘T’s’ are successfully being applied to the businesses within and outside of the superyacht industry.

1. Trends

“The key social, environmental or political trends that are governing people’s habits in the way they interact with products and services” explains Gill. Social and economic demands have dramatically changed over the last decade and companies are waking up to the need to include these in their business model.

It is no longer enough to simply produce a product, the consumer is now interested in the story behind it. For instance, the association of beautiful women on yachts in marketing campaigns is a strategy that many would consider to be outdated. But this is not within yachting spheres, as companies across the globe also look for more up to date and inclusive marketing campaigns. Victoria’s Secret, to give an example, has announced that it has cancelled its annual fashion show as it no longer fits in with the values of the majority of modern society. Companies values need to align with the social and environmental changes that are being made.

2. Tribes

“Demographics and audiences” continues Gill. “The youngest demographic and how their different preferences and expectations are shaping how and why we communicate to people and when.” What has been noticeable within the superyacht market is the rise in vessels being adapted for exploration and scientific research, the next generation of owners appear to be increasingly curious about the world they live in and now have the technology to learn more about it.

3. Technology

The need for companies to plan ahead and constantly develop its technologies. This is one area that the superyacht industry has woken up to, communications on board have traditionally been at a much lower standard to that offered on land but with companies such as Inmarsat and Palladium Technologies, this is changing at a rapid pace.

What Gill believes will dramatically transform marketing is artificial intelligence: “AI will be important over the next five to ten years. Currently we have the capacity to grab data sets based on interests, which type of superyacht you’re interested in for example, what AI can do is learn from subsequent interactions to shape how and why you should communicate with it.”

4. Tolerance

An intolerance of substandard experience. An example of this can be taken from banking where new digital banks such as Monzo are streaking ahead as consumers have realised they no longer have put up with the poor customer service and long wait times offered by traditional banks. “All it takes is for people to invest in that type of system that it becomes the norm with people” adds Gill. Could the emergence of online brokerage platforms also reflect this change in tolerance?

The Superyacht Marketing Forum will take place from 3-4th December, the event will challenge the traditional marketing techniques currently used by the superyacht industry and highlight how to adopt successful marketing techniques in the future. Click here to register.

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Trends, tribes, technology and tolerance


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