The Tositti Group, headed by Stefano Tositti, former CEO of BWA Yachting, has launched Acquera Group, which incorporates two divisions, Acquera Yachting, the superyacht agent, and Acquera Experience, an exclusive private members club. Acquera Experience membership is invite only and will be exclusively available to individuals that own superyachts. Acquera Yachting is already operational with its first office having been opened in the Group’s home town of Venice, with further plans to expand across ports along the Italian coastline, including the main islands, and beyond in the coming years. Acquera Experience’s headquarters are currently being set up in London, a New York office is expected to open during the second quarter of 2018.

“With the launch of Acquera Group, it fills me with great satisfaction to turn an idea into reality,” starts Tositti. “We are extremely proud to start the yacht agent business from Venice and have the opportunity to continue serving the yachting clients who my existing team worked with so closely over the years. The market as we know it is growing and becoming increasingly sophisticated with room for new global players, with a different way of doing things.”

Acquera Yachting, and the superyacht agent experience within the team, will form the bedrock of the Group’s offering. The “business to business side of the market”, as Tositti described it, will be covered in all the ways expected. Acquera Yachting will work with captains and crew to manage berthing reservations, bunkering, provisioning & supplies, clearance procedures, fiscal advice, logistics and the many other services that one would expect from a superyacht agent. These services will be separate to, but also complimentary to, the services provided by Acquera Experience.

“The agent element of the group requires all the skills necessary to deal with the boats, marinas and various other industry stakeholders required for smooth travels,” continues Tositti. “The lifestyle and experience element of Acquera Group will require entirely different skills and will be ran by different individuals across different locations. We are creating something that is completely unique and not catered for in the market. Acquera Experience will provide luxury services, such as the creation of bespoke events in exclusive places, to superyacht owners. But, importantly, it is not limited to servicing the owner while they use the vessel. The vessel is only the criteria for joining the club.”

Acquera Experience will be an exclusive concierge service that deals in everything from the creation of exclusive events in locations that are unattainable to most, think private event at a French winery catered to by a Michelin star chef, to more standard services such as attaining tickets to elite social events. “The scope of Acquera Experience’s services will range from the simple, to the most complicated,” explains Tositti. “But, it will only be available on invitation. We are not hoping for hundreds of clients; our message is exclusivity and that is why owning a superyacht is so important to the membership.”

Unlike the agent element of the group, Acquera Experience’s headquarters will not be located in yachting hotspots, they will be located in ultra-high-net-worth-individual hot spots. Much like the clientele themselves, the employees will be selected from a variety of luxury backgrounds, such as concierge services, luxury brands and exclusive hotels. Members will pay a yearly fee to cover the majority of services, with additional costs being added where necessary depending on the scope of services. Employees will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to cater to the discerning clientele. “We are going to cater to anything the client requires to make their leisure time the best luxury experience possible.”

“We did an in-depth analysis if the luxury and lifestyle markets within yachting and reached the conclusion that despite there being numerous private member lifestyle clubs around the world, there are none that specifically target the yachting industry. No one has more intricate knowledge and understanding of the owners needs and requirements than the industry itself. So, for me it is a natural progression to expand into this market,” concludes Tositti.

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