The recently-published The Superyacht New Build Report features a series of 20 shipyard business dossiers, outlining the facets of Europe’s elite-tier superyacht builders. These profiles seek to serve as owner advisory tools to assist their teams with the due diligence process when commissioning their next project.

With regional-focused issues on both the Pacific and the U.S. to be published later this year, the scope of analysis for this issue was Euro-centric, restricting the shortlist of shipyards featured to those headquartered in Europe. Utilising various metrics – including units delivered, cumulative LOA, cumulative gross tonnage and consistency of performance – a list of 20 of the market’s top-performing builders were identified.

The dossier for each of these shipyards then presents an overview of their activity, portfolio and organisation. Graphics have been tailored to each shipyard in order to define their sector of specialism and their position within the broader new-build market.

In parallel, the dossiers act as a reference tool for buyers and advisory teams exploring the market, allowing them to contrast and compare some of Europe’s most prominent builders based on their recent, current and forecasted activity levels. Each dossier concludes with a hypothetical projection of capacity, which, although based on modelling, should offer potential buyers insight into where and when build slots may become available.

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