Earlier this year Other Angle Yachting’s co-director, Jean-Christophe Lenoir, announced that the refit specialist’s services would be relocating from Toulon’s DCNS shipyard to the Palumbo ITM shipyard in Marseille. SuperyachtNews.com speaks to Lenoir about the reasons behind the move and the non-exclusive collaboration between Other Angle Yachting and Palumbo.

Over the past few years Other Angle Yachting has been plying its trade at the DCNS shipyard in Toulon. DCNS is a naval defence and energy company, in which the French government holds a majority (64 per cent) stake. During this period other Angle Yachting has completed around 30 superyacht projects.

Lenoir explained that, with the governmental contracts becoming more central to the DCNS shipyard and stifling ‘comprehensive transparency’ and guaranteed capacity, Other Angle Yachting took the decision to move operations back to Marseille under a non-exclusive collaboration with Palumbo – ensuring continued transparency and trust between itself, its subcontractors and its customers.

Palumbo ITM shipyard

Lenoir, who in a previous capacity was co-founder of the ITM shipyard, is no stranger to the Marseille shipbuilding community and returns to the area with good relationships already intact from his former position.

“I know the town, ports and subcontractors very well,” he explained, supported by the large superyacht projects that have already been undertaken on the new premises. Other Angle Yachting currently has six superyacht refits underway in Marseille and has a number of new projects expected by the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

The terms of the agreement between Other Angle Yachting and Palumbo provide a 94m covered shed, dry docks up to 125m and 300m docking space for Other Angle Yachting’s projects.

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