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The Superyacht Intelligence Research Project

We want to know what the industry requires in terms of business-critical insight, intelligence, data and analysis…

Over the past decade, the superyacht industry has seen the emergence of various data and fleet information sources that seem to overlap or duplicate what is happening in terms of existing yacht numbers or new build projects. Some of these data sources are reliable and respected, others are just yacht listings that have been assimilated or plagiarised from a wide variety of sources. We have even seen companies invest in their own research teams to create in house intelligence, rather than rely on external sources.

Having observed the market intelligence competitor landscape, and the various claims of being the biggest, the best or the one’s in the know, we now want to find out what the industry really wants or needs, as it can’t be a one size fits all proposition. It’s not rocket science or particularly complicated to track the various yards, the yachts or the movement of the fleet based on AIS systems, or indeed by having a strong network of contacts that feed information, but is this really valuable market intelligence? The Superyacht Group is keen to get some perspective and opinions on what the industry, our customers, the advisors and owners really want in terms of insight, intelligence, data, analysis and information, that is business focused or decision critical.

As you may have noticed, we have recently consolidated our Crew Reports and Annual Reports into the new format of The Superyacht Report, to deliver one expert report for one core market, and also integrated & into so that everything online is in one place. This decision is designed to create a core source of trusted information for decision makers within one print product and one digital platform so that, under our “less is more” strategy, our consultancy business can expand and grow, while also providing us with more time as a team to refine and improve how we report, track and analyse the market.

what is it that the market needs in terms of strategic data & intelligence, and how does the market use or rely on the various sources that exist today?

During this decade of data and intelligence growth, The Superyacht Group and The Superyacht Agency have been jointly involved in a wide range of specific consultancy projects for owners, investors, shipyards, marinas and major supply chain partners who want to understand exactly what is happening beyond the fleet data. The spectrum of projects has been diverse and complex, ranging from “understanding the market appetite for berth sales” to “verifying the market’s perception of world leading brands versus their competitors”. In addition, we have looked at “comparing the resale value of a particular shipyard brand in comparison to their nearest competitors” and “analysed the economic impact of a superyacht marina, if built in a new strategic location.”

We’ve created some incredibly insightful reports for owners, focused on “market due diligence, on the selection of new build yards for a new project” and, “mapping out the operational costs and depreciation over 5 years for a series of 6 yachts on the brokerage market, to support his buying decision.” In fact, the list grows every year with increasingly diverse research projects that are uncovering intelligence that is both bespoke and clearly valuable for a company’s business model. So, this begs the questions, what is it that the market needs in terms of strategic data & intelligence, and how does the market use or rely on the various sources that exist today?

So, in order to generate some insights for ourselves on these two specific questions and to better understand what data, intelligence and insights the industry needs, we would like to invite you to take part in a research project, that will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. Everyone who takes part in the survey will be eligible for exclusive discounts on our own Superyacht Intelligence Business Package and delegate tickets at The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam.

You can access the survey by clicking the link here

Thank you in advance for your opinions, insights, answers and ideas.

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The Superyacht Intelligence Research Project


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