Captains have unrivalled insight into the superyacht world. They are the conduit between owners, managers, crew and service providers, as well as overseeing just about everything that happens on board. It is for this reason that we have dedicated issue 187 of The Superyacht Report to captains and brought operational issues to the forefront of each featured article.

In an interesting twist on the fleet report, this issue analyses hours of work and hours of rest data recorded by superyacht crew on MLC-compliant superyachts via workrest software. The data provides a unique insight into how many hours crew employed on MLC-compliant yachts are actually working, and whether these yachts are managing to the meet the requirements. By analysing, the report identifies where pressure points are felt on board and whether this is affected by vessel size or crew position on board.

For the regular Industrialist feature, we speak to a number of former captains who have forged successful careers as yacht managers. We ask what makes their approach to management work, and what it is about their experience within superyacht captaincy that sets them apart from those managers who haven’t been at sea. 

In the issue’s technology segment, we also take a look at cleaning up a yacht’s cyber defences. Not so much from the standpoint of which technology needs to be put in place, but more to emphasise that it is education and awareness that forms the starting point of any defence system. If you think you are covered and this doesn’t apply to you, think again – as our expert advises, even yachts that have spent thousands on specialist security can still be susceptible to attack if the system is not set up correctly.

Also not to be missed is an exclusive issue with Derek Munro, owner’s representative for ground-breaking 107m sailing yacht Black Pearl. Munro, who joined the project in 2012, explains how his role has evolved over the past six years, from the build process at the shipyard, to the first sea trials, to where Black Pearl is at the time of writing.

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