As we look towards the rapidly approaching show season, which promises to be an exciting demonstration of what our industry has to offer, The Superyacht Report has decided to look into the nuts and bolts of this market and examine what makes it tick.

The Superyacht Business Report investigates the people driving our industry forwards, looking from the bottom up. Instead of focusing on individuals at c-suite level, we have chosen to create an index of rising stars in the industry that promise to effect genuine change. In ‘Faces of the Future’ we give more junior employees the opportunity to share their perspective on what the superyacht industry must do to facilitate greater success in the future.

With the future in mind, we also look at how the next generation of designers, with a fresh outlook, are approaching the superyacht industry, in the latest instalment of fleet and design editor, Georgia Boscawen’s ‘sessions’. Here, over a few drinks, we discover what it really takes to be successful in today’s market and how it is changing.

Technology is one of the most significant drivers of change within all elements of today’s society and the superyacht industry is not exempt. In this report, we contemplate, with the help of advice from industry pioneers, what the future of yachting has in store and whether owners will be able to experience the same functionality that they have at home on board their yacht.

Emerging superyacht hubs is a topic that is frequently discussed amongst members of our industry. With this in mind, we examine the Italian region of Genoa and the transformation that it has recently undergone in an attempt to put the city on the map as a superyacht economy.

In our flagship issue of the year, however, we absolutely cannot neglect some of the industry’s established capitals; in the run up to the Monaco Yacht Show, we examine Monaco as a yachting hub along with its surrounding regions and how they have retained their relevance in the superyacht industry.

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