Robert van Tol, executive director of Water Revolution Foundation, introduces the foundation's latest initiative

Regular reference is made to the impressive economic impact that the global superyacht industry has, both in term of where the yachts are constructed and serviced as well as for the places they visit. Several studies have quantified this impact.

However, as with any other industry, the superyacht industry and the yachts themselves also have an environmental impact. Simply acknowledging this fact has been a much overdue starting point to rectifying a number of the issues. But, how are we quantifying this impact, how do we accelerate towards reducing it and how do we make sure this quantification will be helping our industry to learn and improve, rather than hindering it?

The superyacht industry is fortunate that an assessment tool, specially made for measuring the environmental footprint of a superyacht, was already being worked on by Vienna Eleuteri, the sustainability scientist. It may seem strange that such a tool was already in the making, but Eleuteri’s motives are incredibly logical.

The superyacht industry holds an opportune strategic position in that by working with UHNWIs, decisions made on superyacht projects could drive innovation in other maritime sectors, as well as the fact that our industry has a unique dependency on the condition of the oceans.

Over the course of the last year, in partnership with Water Revolution Foundation, this environmental tool has been finalised. It is ready to help the industry understand its footprint in order to start reducing it and set goals to do so. It serves the greater good of reducing the environmental footprint of new build vessels, as well as existing yachts in operation.

On Wednesday 20 November at 12.15 pm during The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam, Water Revolution Foundation will launch this highly anticipated tool in a session called ‘Taking an Important Measure’. Initiator Vienna Eleuteri, together with a team of co-developers will present on its development, functions, science and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach.

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