Taxation, financial control, operational safety, piracy and on board security are some of the major issues that are high on the agenda of everyone in 2012, from governments, shipping organisations, flag and port authorities, to yacht managers, brokers, captains and, of course, owners.

At the end of March, at Glaziers Hall in the heart of London, Superyacht Events is to stage a double event that will enable all the aforementioned industry groups to discuss and debate these topics in two one-day, back to back meetings. 

The first event, the Superyacht Security Summit, sponsored by MarineGuard and Veritas International, will deliver an intensive one day programme on 28 March, looking at the major threats to onboard security, concepts for protection and mitigation. Leading experts will present their views on current criminal and piracy activity across the world that could directly affect the cruising and operational criteria for superyachts in the future. It is not all about Somalia and the Gulf of Aden superyachts have other threats that need addressing, including cyber crime, petty theft and general guest and crew safety. 

Immediately following this programme, the Superyacht Fiscal Summit, sponsored by Abacus Trust and DF Marine, will take place. Again this is as an intensive one day programme, staged on 29 March, with taxation, financial control, insurance and superyacht management among the core themes for discussion and debate. This year's summer season is likely to once again test the patience of our owners, with several Mediterranean governments - Spain, Greece, France and Italy - all seeking tax revenue from a whole range of sources.

As the world's press keeps pointing fingers at UHNWI's and as tax authorities see yachts as an opportunity to generate significant tax revenues, we have to ensure that everyone is fully up to speed on the threats to our industry's stability. 

Superyacht Events has created this back to back programme, to enable delegates to be ultra efficient with their time.

As both topics are highly relevant to managers, brokers, captains and owner's representatives, within 36 hours delegates can engage with some of the expert minds that are specialists in all of the above subjects, as well as share their own knowledge and experience with their peers.

For a joint price of GBP 475.00 for this two day management Summit (NB. a one day ticket to either event is available for GBP 260.00), you can be confident that this small investment could in fact save your clients in so many ways. 

This is a must attend event if you need to be prepared for any potential threat to your yacht, your fleet or your clients, be that threat financial, virtual or human. 

To register your place, visit or contact Georgina Lucey on +44 (0) 207 924 4004 or

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