Since announcing the collaboration with Lürssen on the 91-metre Aurora project last year, Adam Voorhees Design has been busy working on the refit of 23.5-metre, Sleigh Ride. The yacht, which was originally designed in 1996 by Sparkman & Stephens Design (S&S) and built by Derecktor-Goetz Yachts, is undertaking the refit at Westerly Marine, California. “The new design brief calls for automated sail handling systems so the owner can take her out by himself, but also refined and luxurious spaces for entertaining and relaxing with lots of friends and family onboard,” explains principle designer Adam Voorhees.

The new design gives specific attention to the idea of creating multifunctional spaces that optimise comfortable living, maximising versatility and enhancing the link between guests and the ocean environment. Custom furniture commissioned by the owner and interactive lighting details add to the new look of the yacht bringing life to the boat. Additionally, as part of the new design, the sloop will be extended to 25-metres LOA, with a 5.6-metre beam and a 230 sqm upwind sail area.

“I am quite excited as it will be the first project in build to have been designed entirely by my studio,” concludes Voorhees.

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