Poralu Marine, supplier of Shimei Bay marina, Hainain Island, China, is waiting for government permits and the market to be more mature in order to commence its second phase to build all 208 berths and a yacht club.
The Poralu-Asia Marina Consortium managed marina completed its first phase of berths this January. Around 80 berths for yachts up to 50m were installed, plus fueling station and breakwater able to protect yachts against typhoon conditions that can cause waves up to 7m high.
But developers at Poralu say they need Chinese government approval on crucial permits to allow foreign yachts to berth, as well as give the go ahead for more services for the yachts. These include a yacht club and 170 more berths, part of its phase two development.
Shimei Bay marina is part of a large-scale eco-tropical coastal luxury holiday destination. Plans for the 12 square km resort include five star hotels, Le Meridien and Westin, thought to be completed by this November.

Private villas in artificial islands should be completed the next few years.

Shimei Bay marina, as it will look with yacht club in background

To a great extent, the marina needs the development to be completed in order to attract more yachts. Currently there are just around ten yachts in its berths, which Poralu believes is the effect of having minimal attractions for visitors:
“A marina in China is only an added value of the global property development. The owner is not focusing on the ROI for the marina but for the villas and condominium. That can explain that there is few promotion, nor activities proposed by the club and so not attracting lots of people,” said a spokesperson from Poralu.

 Berths will need attractions and heavier promotion in order to be filled

The spokesperson also said that China’s government, which has final say over what is developed in Hainan and who does it, has shifted its priorities meaning the grand scale development could take a bit longer.
“From my point of view, China is more focused on growing its low class by building social housing, proposing affordable activities instead of promoting the luxury yachting industry,” they continued.
“However, the industry is still growing step by step. The new generation is now enjoying the sea, as well as swimming and sailing. The boating industry will have a new face that includes superyachts in the next decade,” they added.

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