As the worldwide superyacht fleet both ages and expands, it is clear that demand for refit is only going to increase in the future. Dedicated refit facilities have always been the prime option for large-scale works, and the Mediterranean has emerged as a hub for superyachts looking to undertake repair and refit works in close proximity to their popular cruising grounds. Increasingly, these facilities are investing and diversifying in order to cater for the growing number of large vessels.

The Superyacht Intelligence Agency is conducting a survey in collaboration with Monaco Marine to garner the industry’s overall perception of Mediterranean-based refit yards and gain an insight into the refit market in the one of most popular superyacht cruising regions. The survey is asking captains, chief engineers, owners’ representatives, surveyors and yacht managers to share their views on Mediterranean refit yards they have had experience with, as well as their awareness of Monaco Marine and its overall market position in regards to the various LOA segments.

If you are a captain, chief engineer, owners’ representative, surveyor or yacht manager, The Superyacht Intelligence Agency would be very interested in hearing your thoughts. You can take the short survey anonymously by clicking here.


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