Following the ‘call for projects’ issued in March 2016, Semidep-La Ciotat can confirm that the ink is now dry on the agreement reached with Blohm+Voss shipyards in June. The contract, which takes the form of a 35-month temporary occupancy agreement, allows Blohm+Voss exclusive access to the 200x60m “Great Dry Dock” in La Ciotat, France.

“We engaged in the tendering process because we wanted to think bigger and show the world that there is plenty of opportunity at La Ciotat for the industry’s biggest players,” starts Jean-Yves Saussol, general manager of La Ciotat Shipyards-SEMIDEP. “In doing so we wanted to create a new market segment in La Ciotat, namely the larger, 80-metre-plus superyacht refits.”

Despite interest from La Ciotat’s current residents, the decision was made to accept an offer from Blohm+Voss. “Blohm+Voss provided a very attractive proposition that was accepted by the board of SEMIDEP in June,” continues Saussol. Since June, Semidep-La Ciotat and Blohm+Voss entered into closing procedures, which concluded on October 25.

While a few minor works remain to be finished, the final handover is programmed to be completed within the coming days. “We are very satisfied with the way we have begun work with Blohm+Voss and we already feel that we have an effective partner in the field,” concludes Saussol.


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