Recently established company, Hawk Yachts, will use the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show as the platform to introduce itself to the industry.

The company is the brainchild of Lady Moura’s captain, Matthias Bosse, who has collaborated with recognised designers, Frank Neubelt and Diana Scott, master mariner Michael Zerr and naval architects, Andri Largiardèr and Robert McFarlane to create Sea Hawk.

Sea Hawk is a 103m, 6,500GT explorer vessel concept, which is designed to Polar Ice Class 6 level, is capable of 12,000nm and offers three months’ storage capacity.

But as Bosse explained, in an exclusive conversation with, this is only a ‘concept’ in name, while in reality it is a pre-engineered superyacht project that is ready to begin construction if and when a buyer is found.

“We wanted Sea Hawk to not just have a spectacular visual impression, but to also be highly capable. We have drawn up detailed, technically tested designs that fulfil this purpose.

Sea Hawk: Monaco

“This level of technical detail means that the shipyard can start construction immediately. The Yard Tender has been completed and revealed and short-listed the best yards to build such an extraordinary vessel.”

Having traversed the world as a superyacht captain himself, Bosse wanted to deliver a “worldwide adventure” to the new generation of young and courageous superyacht owners his research has identified. Therefore, Sea Hawk has been designed to complete a five-year global trip and that is why she will be equipped with on board equipment that is appropriate for the extremes of Polar Regions as much as it is the Tropics.

Sea Hawk

“I believe that the current fleet of the world’s superyachts fall short of worldwide exploration and adventure. Many yachts lack the sea worthy capability to do much more than cruising the Mediterranean”, Bosse explained.

“My vision is to provide the market with yachts that are both beautiful and sea-worthy.  Built from the ocean up, we have developed Sea Hawk, a superyacht that is beautiful enough to be just as at home in the most prestigious ports of the world as well as capable in the very harshest conditions.”

Sea Hawk: Amazon

Bosse added that Hawk Yachts is already working on two new designs - a 50m and an 80m – both of which will feature the same explorer characteristics as Sea Hawk. 

Hawk Yachts will be present at Monaco and prepared to introduce Sea Hawk to the industry at large, meetings are being arranged on an invitation-only basis, and can be made by contacting marketing director, Nick Lockett

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