The 30m SY Quintessential, also known as Q5, was involved in a rescue this weekend in the US Virgin Islands off the east coast of St Thomas. Having just completed a long boss trip, the yacht was returning to St Thomas when the crew spotted two divers waving in the water.

The men had been swept away from their boat by the current, were out of air and exhausted. The crew of Q5 quickly rolled into a man overboard drill, recovered the two divers and returned them to their boat, which was half a mile away.

SY Quintessential, aka Q5

“It was very lucky that we saw them, as it was just before sunset and there were no other boats in the vicinity,” recalls Captain Christopher Bruce, praising the fast response of the crew.

“It is protocol that we have monthly man overboard drills, but this is the first time we have done it in a real scenario. Due to the height of the boat, the stern cannot be seen from the helm, so all communication was over our radios.”

Q5’s management company, MCM Newport, wish to recognise the crew’s professionalism in the incident. “Despite being tired, close to docking for rest and recreation they were still entirely professional, alert and illustrated the importance of practicing monthly drills,” explains Jon Jeffreys of MCM.

“Without their dedication and vigilance to their responsibilities at sea the two divers would most certainly have spent at least the night at sea.”

The other crew involved in the rescue were First Mate Jason Stoll, Kara Donaldson, John Balch and Grace Stewart. 


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