UK, London. With a rich golden lattice cover image, the first issue of SuperyachtDesign 2015 arrives this week. From the benefits of hybrid technology in design to the engineering solutions applied to Royal Huisman’s Wisp, this issue is full of the latest design news and creative ideas.

“The most important thing is for clients and builders to define the goals for a project,” says Björn Moonen of Ghost Yachts, who discusses the qualities of hybrid systems in his Guest Suite column. “The choice of propulsion is just one, but to achieve the maximum benefits of an efficient yacht you have to look at the entire project and each individual area.”

RM 169R & RM 169U

From hybrid technology on superyachts to its implementation on tenders, we explore the build of RM 169R and RM 169U for Perini Navi’s Perseus3. Both the designer Rodger Martin Design and builder Constellation Custom Tenders believe that the 169R is the world’s lightest and fastest hybrid tender. We also take a look at the finer details of the handcrafted wooden boats from Artisan Boatworks based in Maine, US. While in this edition of Mood Board, we present the thinking behind the latest accessories that add the important finishes to a space.

We pay a visit to Spanish glass manufacturer Gordiola in this edition of Artisan, as it nears its 300th anniversary. Its small team of Mallorca-based artisans has produced blown glassworks for a number of well-known families including the Spanish Royal family and the Obamas. “Each piece produced is singular and unique,” says Gordiola factory manager Jesus Fernandez. “Even if the pieces are from the same collection, there are a few subtle differences that make each glass unique and beautiful.”

Gordiola glass (image by Andrew Johansson)

Staying in Mallorca, we go sailing with Royal Huisman, exterior designer and naval architect Andre Hoek and interior designer Jonathan Rhoades on board 47.6m sloop Wisp. The team discuss the many technical challenges of the build and reveal how the owner knew exactly what he wanted, leaving no room for compromise.

From Spain to Holland, we join Eidsgaard Design at Feadship’s facility where Project 809 is under construction. The superyacht is a progressive 67m that offers fresh styling and layout solutions derived from the designers’ creative approach to problem-solving. “The design presented some challenges from a technical perspective and Feadship had to rework the buoyancy calculations because we were removing a lot of volume in the transom,” says Peder Eidsgaard.

Sailing on board Wisp (image by Andrew Johansson)

With the announcement of the 2015 edition of Solidworks, which features its new Model Based Definition, we speak to Solidworks’ Euronorth senior sales director David Falkingham and Solidworks’ director of product marketing Neil Cooke about the development and value of the software. It is software which London-based designer Evan K Marshall has used for many years. We met with the American designer at his studio to discuss the evolution of American design and his decision to move to the UK 25 years ago.

Evan K Marshall (by Justin Ratcliffe)

In this edition of Domus Design, Aileen Rodriguez — another American — discusses the importance of the client/designer relationship and how designing one of her client's homes provided the opportunity for her to create the interior of Lürssen’s 85m Solandge.

Design Debate invites designers from around the world to discuss the issue of offering design services for little or no fee in the hope of having a design built, as Facheris Design, Ardeo Design, Andrew Trujillo Design, Bannenberg & Rowell Design and VPLP Design present their latest concepts.

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