UK, London. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our 2013 autumn issue of SuperyachtDesign, Q16. Our Monaco Yacht Show edition is full of the latest and greatest ideas and designs from around the world.

Kicking the issue off is a Guest Suite column by designer Peter Symonds who explores the qualities of Bamboo as a construction material using his R1 concept as an example. Quality, material, heritage and design is also explored in Artisan, where we visit Baccarat in France to learn about its new lighting and yacht specific collections, as it prepares to celebrate 250 years of success.

We meet with Burkhard List, CEO of List General Contractors for In Business and discover how, as the third generation of his family to head up the firm, Burkhard views the business and what makes them so good at what they do. Q16 also provides a "moment in time" review of the first ever SuperyachtDESIGN Week, which was held in June of this year.

Rainsford Mann Design is our focus for Case Study, as we hear about his latest projects and how the studio has grown from the design of superyachts to offering design across three pillars: RMD Land, Air and Marine. Along with a 90m submarine and an 18m fast patrol interceptor craft, principal designer Rupert Mann explains the detailing behind CIMC Raffles Yachts’ 88m Illusion inspired by Rolls-Royce.

The British luxury car brand continues to inspire superyacht designers in this issue, as we present Stefan Monro’s 450ex concept along with designs from Dubois Naval Architects, De Basto Designs, Andrew Trujillo Design, George Wolstenholme, Jonathan Peace and a 145m by SABDES. Making any vessel above 140m look sleek and sexy is a tall order and is the topic of discussion in Design Debate.

Top Yacht explores the thinking behind the interior of Icon Yachts’ Maidelle (now Meridian) with designer Cristiano Gatto, as Kamini Ezralow talks to us in Domus Design about her work on Celestial Hope, Spain’s Marbella Club Hotel and a new restaurant, OLiban, in Monaco, and shares her views on whether design is all about the flow.

Inspiration from the automotive industry is seen again in Tech Talk, as we hear from Gunnar Vikingur about Vikal International’s 11.25m limo tender, which features a rigid roof that folds away into the engine bay like a convertible car.

Perspectives looks at architect Achille Salvagni who has earned a reputation for working with authentic materials combined with fierce attention to detail for a signature style that is discrete, balanced and timeless. While in Mood Board we talk to five companies that produce the ‘finishing touches’ used in the interior including bed linen, accessories and tableware.

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