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Protecting our playground

We're doing something different to raise awareness and money for ocean charities. Find out more about our Chari-Tee Shirt Campaign…

With over two thirds of the planet covered with water, and being part of an industry that provides a unique lifestyle platform to make the most of the oceans, we are entering a critical phase of environmental impact. Everywhere we travel by boat, yacht or superyacht, we are exposed to many of the issues that will have a long-term impact on the cruising grounds and anchorages.

I recall swimming a couple of years ago in the pure blue waters in Turkey and Greece, only to find almost zero fish swimming around and a very sad underwater scene. Last year in Indonesia, again it was the prolific amount of plastic waste floating in and around the white sandy beaches. Both Indonesia and a recent trip to Australia reinforced the impact of our climate change on the coral reefs and then, of course, recent weather events and huge melting ice caps are hitting the press with more regularity. Combine this with WhatsApp messages or emails I get from captains and owners about their adventures around the world, some of whom share images of littered beaches or floating masses of waste, that create such a negative reaction from those who seek paradise.

All of these marine-based planetary issues – rising sea levels, plastic waste, coral bleaching and over fishing – have become too commonplace in the news and it is fair to suggest that at the current rate of pollution and mismanagement we may end up with an irreversible problem.

I know our small superyacht industry cannot save the planet or change the world but, as many others are, we can all contribute to the causes of the myriad charities that are focused on the oceans, or rather, our market’s playground. So over the next few days we will be presenting case studies and highlighting the key issues related to the four key environmental problems, all of which will culminate in our 25th Anniversary Ocean Chari-Tee Campaign, that is designed to raise awareness and money for a group of charities we admire.

The superyacht industry relies on clean and healthy oceans, but the regional coastlines and stunning islands that the owners, guests, captains and crew frequent also rely on a healthy ecosystem for their livelihood. So on 25th September, we will be launching our Ocean Chari-Tee Project, and asking everyone to get involved. By just spending €25 euros on one of our Chari-Tee Shirts, you will be raising awareness every time you wear it, and all of the profit from the t-shirt will go to our select group of charities.

Let’s each make a small contribution and a big impact.

It’s a simple, inexpensive way of raising money. It doesn’t require a huge amount of cost, infrastructure, expensive dinners, parties or auctions, but just a click on our shop, to select your t-shirt and choose the cause, be it plastic oceans, coral bleaching, over fishing or rising sea levels.

Our market is made up of thousands of companies, and tens of thousands of individuals, who rely on the ocean. If just 25,000 people (owners, crew, captains, builders, designers, brokers, lawyers, suppliers etc.) buy one Ocean Chari-Tee Shirt, we could raise over €175,000. So spread the word, raise awareness and let’s each make a small contribution and a big impact.

This Superyacht Group anniversary campaign, along with all the other ocean charity projects in the superyacht market, will generate a significant financial contribution and demonstrate that we as an industry are giving back and taking responsibility for our playground.

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Protecting our playground


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