Shortly after the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, reported the proposal by a group of superyacht captains for a Yacht Captains Association, with a view to set and maintain high standards of professionalism within the industry.

The proposed Association is now expanding, as Captain Ian Bone, one of the Association's initiators, has announced that Captain Mike French has accepted an invitation to join the Yacht Captains Association.

Captain French, a regular contributor to The Crew Report, is at present working as a rotational captain on a large commercially operated yacht on a global voyage. French was the founder of Fort Lauderdale-based training school International Crew Training and prior was the chief executive officer of International Yacht Training.

"Mike has a passion for improving the training and development systems and structures within the yachting industry and has first-hand experience in founding and operating an organisation dedicated to crew training and development," explained Captain Bone. "Mike's personal demeanour and high regard within yachting circles is a fillip for our group and we look forward to his insights and contributions to the [proposed] Yacht Captains Association going forward."

Captain French will join existing members of the proposed Association, Captains Bone, Michael Schueler, Chis Lewis and Wendly Umla.

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