Experienced marine coatings professional, Ben Morris has officially launched his new company, VSKIN Ltd. The company will offer vinyl wrapping and interior films services to the superyacht industry, as well as the land-based architectural sector.

VSKIN will offer customers a complete coatings solution, including stripping, refitting, resealing, faring and finishing, in addition to the vinyl wrapping process itself.

Although the company is UK-based, Morris has assembled a team of experienced fitters at various locations, offering clients global coverage and an on-demand service. And, as Morris explains, unlike VSKIN’s competitors, the entire process is undertaken in-house.

“We can offer a complete package. I have extensive personal experience with vinyl applications, and our team will be able to respond to client requests across the world. I believe the difference between VSKIN and its competitors lies with our surface preparation experience and finishing film applications and the ability to seamlessly mesh these processes. We avoid the problems that can occur when these processes are outsourced!”

Increasingly, superyacht owners are embracing the quality of vinyl wrap finishes. And Morris says that requests invariably begin with a particular area of the vessel, such as the crew mess, and then develop into larger projects when the owner witnesses the quality of the work. In his experience, “it’s particularly high-traffic areas that tend to suffer wear and tear that is easily and efficiently rectified by vinyl application.”

The growing popularity of vinyl wrapping, either as an alternative to traditional coatings, or as a complementary solution, is clearly in evidence. “It is becoming a more acceptable finishing solution”, Morris says, “and owners are increasingly warming to the idea.

“We can work alongside paint because there are always problem areas that we can overcome quite easily with vinyl. Moving forward, I believe we’re going to see a lot more vessels combining both traditional paint finishes with new vinyl effects to create very personalised finishes..”

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