The Seattle-based 3D modelling and visualisation specialist, Nautilus 3D, has announced the launch of a new website, which presents two new services and hosts various superyacht projects both current and completed. Responsible for realising the renders of Attessa IV, founder and authorised Rhinoceros tutor, John Cantu (featured in SuperyachtDesign Q4), has informed SYD of a new training program on offer along with a new service, which boasts the benefits of Grasshopper, generative design software.

The new in-house 3D modelling training is aimed at both shipyards and design studios, with the aim of increasing productivity through utilising the full capabilities of Rhinoceros software. In addition to this, is the new generative modelling service, which harnesses the power of Grasshopper, as models are parametrically created and manipulated in a simple graphical interface. This in turn “allows our team of designers and artists to explore and rapidly create new designs that redefine the limits of creativity,” explains Cantu. Using these techniques allows Nautilus 3D to create and use designs such as bespoke interiors and custom art pieces throughout the production process of a superyacht, with the new atrium concept by Adriel Design and Philip Stewart ‘s ‘Velvet Glove’ sculpture, based in Milwaukee, Minnesota, as two examples.

“As the 3D tools we use grow and become smarter, they allow us to create stunning works of art more easily, as they can be produced using digital manufacturing techniques that were impossible before,” concludes Cantu.

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