Nautical Structures, the US-based superyacht equipment manufacturer that specialises in boarding and tender-handling systems, has recently announced the hiring of Rob Knoop, formerly of Cramm Beheer, as the director of its European operation. Knoop will be working closely with Martin Hjermind, an 11-year veteran of the Nautical Structures team, and various other existing members of the team.

This development comes following Nautical Structures’ announcement that it will be engaging in an aggressive business development plan in Europe.

“Nautical Structures does not have a particularly large market share in Europe at the moment, so we want to open up the market and show the yards what we can do for them,” starts Knoop. “At the moment our products are coming in from the US; but within a year and a half to two years we will have a new facility in Holland.”

This euro-centric expansion, Knoop explains, will begin in the Netherlands and work its way through Germany, Italy and Turkey. The decision to start the expansion in Northern Europe is in directly related to the number of large superyachts being built in the Netherlands and Germany at this time. Nautical Structures specialises in vessels that fall within the 35-180m range, but prefers to target the larger end of the spectrum.

“Our strategy in Europe will be to provide total, turn-key solutions for the yards building the boats; from product specification and selection to system engineering to ship-board placement and installation,” continues Knoop. “Unlike the competition, we don’t just provide individual products, we are partners in a project not just suppliers.”

As the European market continues to recover, Knoop believes it provides a wonderful opportunity for Nautical Structures to expand because, distinct from the competition, it is able to deliver a total concept with a superior quality of products and organisation.


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