Naiad Dynamics chose the third day of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to acknowledge and celebrate the 40th anniversary of employee, Vic Kuzmovich’s appointment to the company. In his role as global service manager, Kuzmovich has overseen the after-sales support of a Naiad fleet of over 12,000 vessels. A well known and highly respected expert, the company has praised his 'countless' assistance of captains and owners to ensure their vessels remain reliably in service and on schedule. 

John Venables, Naiad's CEO, has worked closely with Kuzmovich over the last 32 years and has witnessed first-hand what he says is 'extraordinary customer care'. Commenting on the milestone Venables said: “For a company designing, manufacturing, fielding and supporting technically specialised systems like Naiad, multiplied over many thousands of vessels in service, the knowledge accumulated over Vic’s dedicated career is a tremendous benefit not only to our company, but also to our customers and the yacht industry at large.

"The company maintains that yacht customers are much more likely to stay in yachting when their experience stays positive throughout the life of the vessel, long after the honeymoon phase of the initial purchase", Venables added.
Despite the fact Naiad has operations spread across three countries and five US states, more than half of its employees worldwide have over 10 years of service, a third have more than 20 years of service, and 10 employees located across the facilities in CT, MD, FL and the UK have more than 30 years with the company. In fact, Kuzmovich isn’t the longest serving current employee—that honor goes to Al Toth, NAIAD’s CT-based second shift manufacturing manager and a decades-long friend of Kuzmovich’s.

"As anyone who has met Vic will appreciate, NAIAD originally hired him for his physical strength and mechanical talent, which is well-suited to the demands of a manufacturing plant. However, the company quickly recognised Vic’s sharp intellect, supporting him as he climbed through the organisational ranks to his present role with worldwide responsibility. Vic’s singular dedication to his employer and his commitment to the company’s clients exemplifies all that is right in luxury yacht service", Venables explained.


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