According to a report by Swiss Magazine L’Hebdo, Dutch authorities in the Netherlands seized 76m Ebony Shine on 2 December at the request of the Swiss authorities.

Allegedly owned by Teodir Obiang, the vice-president and son of the president of Equatorial Guinea has been under investigation by the Swiss government after allegations of laundering money from the country's coffers.

In November, reports suggest that Swiss authorities seized 11 luxurious cars belonging to Obiang as part of the corruption investigation. At the time, a spokesman for the Malabo government denied that Obiang was the owner of the cars, and issued a statement explaining that the assets were owned by Equatorial Guinea.

Marine Traffiic coincides with the news, showing Ebony Shine currently moored up by the Amsterdam Container Terminal. The 90m Ice, believed to be Obiang’s other yacht, is currently moored in Tangier, Morocco. There are no reports that she has been detained.

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