McKay Group has confirmed its acquisition of Auckland-based superyacht automation and electrical design company, Cervina Marine. The brand will be integrated into the McKay Group’s marine division, and will support its planned expansion.

In an exclusive conversation with, Cervina’s general manager, said the acquisition would allow the company to support a broader range of superyacht clients across the globe.

“The acquisition means that Cervina now has more resources to call on providing greater levels of security and comfort to Cervina clients. Essentially the company will continue to operate as normal but now with the added support from across the McKay Group. I believe that having the backing of this larger organisation will better support my clients into the future. The benefit of this cross pollination effect means that Cervina can now secure better ways to do things.”

Cervina counts Cakewalk as a client.

Notably, the change of ownership will assist with the launch of Cevina’s new superyacht-specific software program, Sidewinder. Initially launched in the US and its native market, Sidewinder is a cable management system that Mitchell says affords 30 per cent cost savings during installation by providing real-time monitoring of quality control.

McKay and Cervina are also collaboration on Quick-Fix, a sealing system for cables and pipes. The product is expected to complement Sidewinder for efficiency purposes.

“Cervina have carved out a niche in the sailing superyacht market, where sophisticated control is required to be integrated into a singular system such as sail control and other protective systems”, Mitchell explained. 

“With McKay’s broader approach, Cervina can cover off all of the motor boat portion of the industry as well as provide broader solutions that could not be offered before. This includes the provision of switchboards and software products. Cervina has now become a ‘one stop shop’, whereby our clients do not have to approach or work with multiple vendors; rather they can now access a truly complete service offering via one entity.”

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