Following the reports on 8 February that claimed MB92, the Spanish refit yard, was in discussion with Lürssen, the German shipbuilder, about a potential partnership for the operation of Blohm+Voss La Ciotat, both parties have today announced that a strategic partnership has been reached.

Rumours surrounding the future of the ‘Great Dry Dock’ at the La Ciotat Shipyards facility in France have been abundant since the announcement on 31 October 2016 that the Lürssen acquisition of Blohm+Voss had been approved by the German Fair Trade Commission.

Since acquiring Blohm+Voss, Lürssen has been in continuous conversation with La Ciotat Shipyards in order to determine which course of action would be most appropriate for Blohm+Voss’s recently acquired refit subsidiary. Finally, Lürssen and SEMIDEP-Ciotat have agreed on a future concept for speeding up the work plan of Blohm+Voss La Ciotat, while preserving the initial ambitions of the project.

“We are very confident in the long-term development of Blohm+Voss La Ciotat, as the company is addressing a strategic and ever-growing segment of the value chain within our industry by developing yacht refit services within the closest promximity to usual customer route,” comments Jean-Yves Saussol, CEO of SEMIDEP-Ciotat.

This joint venture will take the form of a strategic partnership between MB92 and Lürssen. Together the two companies have already enjoyed a rich history of trusted partnership for the refitting of Lürssen vessels in the Mediterranean. MB92 brings with it a substantial order book and a wealth of experience that, all being well, are likely to be rapidly transferred, in part, to La Ciotat.

“Blohm+Voss and MB92 have reached an agreement to jointly manage via its joint venture, ‘Blohm+Voss La Ciotat SAS’, the extraordinary La Ciotat dry dock, whose concession was granted last October,” reads MB9’s official statement. “The excellent relationship between Lürssen, Blohm+Voss and MB92, as well as the experience of more than 20 years of close and successful collaboration between Lürssen, the world leader in large yacht construction, and MB92, the leader of refit and repair in the Mediterranean, has been essential in reaching this joint venture.”


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