This November, the 22nd edition of the Global Superyacht Forum returns to Amsterdam. For the 2016 event, the organisers want all attendees to be Made Smart by the programme - not just because it’s an anagram of Amsterdam – but also to ensure that all delegates leave the event with smarter ideas, smarter solutions and better ways to do business.

With 32 workshop sessions and focus groups across the three days, each session will be finely tuned to reflect industry topics that need a platform for debate and education.

This year’s programme is open to everyone and we are offering the industry a chance to raise topics that will be explored, debated and discussed, in order to develop smart ideas and improve the way we do things.

What would you like to change about our industry?

What can we do better in any facet of the business or technology?

What new smart ideas should we be exploring for the future?

Email programme manager Rachel Rowney with your suggestions.

Focus groups will be concise, educational seminars focusing wholly on superyacht-focused problems and solutions. Panel presentations and discussions will provide expert industry insight and showcase the latest in technology. Workshops are interactive debates, driven by the audience and providing attendees the opportunity to share their views.

The Global Superyacht Forum will take place from 14 – 16 November in Amsterdam. Click here to register.

Amels, Awlgrip, Caterpillar, Clyde & Co, Marlink, MARSS, MTN (an EMC Company) MTU Friedrichshafen, Palladium Technologies, Triton Submarines, Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) and Yachtsure24 are this year’s event partners.


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